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9 May, 2020

The saying, “Content is King,” is not new at all.

This quote is just used very often due to the increased focus on content marketing strategies. Truly, the success of any website comes with a quality content.

A consistent, high-quality and engaging content with a host of other techniques, increases audience retention, gain more credibility with search engines, provides better customer service, and most of all, reach a larger audience. In this age of in-demand online service, businesses whether big or small, are establishing their own website for convenience, increased sales, and to better showcase their product and service offers.

With that a website alone, though pretty, will never mirror the objective or the success you want for your company because it gains no substance or reason why it is there.

That’s why you need quality to add colour and value to it – letting your audiences know the purpose why your company exist, the relevance that your company’s product or service could provide and sustain for them, establishing your brand image, and obtaining their trust.

Remember, the customers are your company’s bloodline, without them, you will never foster.

Tl; dr;

A website content not only involves blog posts but also includes the website page, the product and service descriptions, the company information, videos and photos.

Quality is the one adding value and colour to the eyes of your audience, that’s you need to exert much effort in making it good, not perfect, but better enough to engage and establish your brand.

Understanding the value of a good website

sales funnel vs flywheel

Source: Medium

As discussed earlier, a website cannot prosper without the support of your audience (customer). So if ever you have a website that has no substance you will never realize the purpose of creating it at the first place.

Unlike the obsolete funnel marketing strategy that only shows customers as an afterthought, the today’s market use the flywheel strategy that centers on the customer’s needs and wants, how they behave and perceive things around.

It is all about them. More of like a personal approach because every customer wants that they MATTER.

This is because of the ever-changing market landscape. So there’s a need for a better web platform that showcases your products and services positively that is enticing, engaging, and highly-valued.

Web designers and web development often neglect this idea. Quality is not just a statement or a virtual beauty that everyone conceives, it’s the purpose, the meat, and the overall package incomparable with other established site.

content marketing

Source: SEMrush

In order to make your objectives flow smoothly as planned, you must lay out a great strategic plain, a strong business case, a substantial value proposition, and an enhanced positioning.

Here’s the steps you need to do:

  • Focus on what makes your website, company, product or service, unique and valuable;
  • Provide users the content they need, want, and expect;
  • Use original and valid research backed by credible sources;
  • Proofread typos, grammar mistakes, and misspellings; and
  • Avoid tricks designed solely just to improve search engine rankings.

With these, you can now have a better picture of what your website exactly will look like.

What VALUE could a good website give you?

ENGAGEMENT. This only shows that high quality content better engage and retain more customers than you have expected.

People are likely to read and share your content the content you provide when they have value.

Your content should promote ideas, healthy discussion, and new interests in your industry or business. Most importantly, you can provide your readers valuable information related to the content you’ve posted.

Delivering value to your target demographic; boosts website conversion and sales; drive traffic to your site; improve your website’s content sharing, and increases visitor engagement.

SALES. Building trust with your customers, drives huge significance to your business. Studies suggest that, an estimated 77% of consumers read online content prior to making a purchase.

Placing product specific contents such as FAQs, product reviews, and instructional videos or blog posts can help in reassuring prospective customers, and boost more sales leads.

SEO. In order for your content to be effective, people need to find it.

You may be an outstanding writer with interesting topics to discuss on, but can your readers discover your contents quickly?

Consider having a well versed content with appropriate keyword usage, inbound links, and other elements of search engine optimization to make your site more visible on browser such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

USABILITY. Having great features and highly informative web content improves user experience whenever your visitors navigate through your site.

Usability is about the navigation of your site, the ease of use for visitors, the accessibility of your content and the interconnection between relevant pieces of content. So, better user experience equal more satisfied visitors.

DIFFERENTIATION. Being unique gives your site the opportunity to be recalled by your visitors, making it stand out among other websites and also stimulate ongoing return traffic from your website visitors.

You can try by simply adding humorous blog posts, interesting infographics or informative videos which can stir the minds of your visitors.


Having a high quality web content creates value, trust and authority among visitors. You shouldn’t be tempted about tricking people into clicking misleading headlines just to gain more visitor engagement.

A high valued website content utilizes appropriate keyword usage, better user experience, drives sales and has uniqueness.

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