10 Tips How to Choose Mobile App Developer Company

How to Choose Mobile App Developer Team

21 Oct, 2021

Are you struggling to choose a mobile app developer? Here are some best practices to select the right mobile app development company.

Mobile App is Inevitably Needed For Every Business Owner 

In the past decades, mobile app development has been on the rise, and seems that it not going to stop any soon. As business owners and entrepreneurs have now begun to realize that mobile app can actually maximize efficiency, speed up a business process, improve customer journeys, and boost conversion and impact through in-app notifications & promotions.  

Most business owners know that their business needs a mobile application. But mobile app development is not an easy task. Lacking digital knowledge skills, complex processes, and limited budget often time become the major setback reasons.  

Choosing Mobile App Developer is not an Easy Task 

When choosing a mobile app developer, it is important to do research to ensure that the right person is selected based on experience, skills, and other factors.  

According to Business Insider, there are 38,000 developers in Victoria, Australia. Not thoroughly deep research for the best app developer team means a waste of time, money, and energy. You will come up with a broken vision, and broken app.  

Hiring your own team is also another risk to deal with.  

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Developer Company

As mentioned previously, hiring your own team is a quite long, resourceful, and tedious process. If you are a startup, you would rather spend more money on more important expenses than a complex process of mobile app building. Because to hire a mobile app developer, you would need to hire a top-class HR person who understands the latest technology trend. And surely, a highly-skilled developer person will raise your monthly expense; which is what most start-ups will avoid at all costs.  

Thus, there are several developers that team up and build a company that offers mobile app development packages that are cost-effective, make your digital vision become a reality and less hassle to your company.  

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company

It is important to spend time researching different options to determine which developer is familiar with the industry and is willing to put forth the amount of effort needed to make the app a success. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a mobile application developer. 

Look at Their Portfolio 

A good developer must also have excellent UI/UX skills. When looking at their portfolio, keep an eye out for beautiful looking apps with excellent user interfaces. Sixty percent of your application is about how a user interacts with it.

You might also need to checklist these questions:
a. Do they have a live app (from previous app) on the App store
b. Have they been successful on the App store chart?
c. Do they have good feedbacks from users?
d. Did they provide you with great statistics and have met return on investments? 

Check the Previous Client 

By looking at the developer’s past clients, you can know how great their reputation is. If possible, contact the latest client, and ask about their experience working with the developer. Look for big brand names that they’ve been working on. And use B2B Directories such Clutch or GoodFirms to read other’s opinions about your potential developer vendor.  

Cost-Effective Pricing 

Do not let the price fool you! Do not let the price steer your decision. Based on our experience, most of businesses do not have unlimited amount of budget nor have much experience how developing an app budgeting works. Business owners whose are new into digital world, would instantly think that cheaper price would be a great deal. One thing that business owner should consider; Is cheaper price means a great quality? Would the developer able to execute your complex requirements with lower pricing?  

Choosing an inexperienced or inferior mobile app developer could result in problems down the line and the business may even need to redo the app completely. By choosing the right person from the start, businesses can avoid this costly hassle and acquire an excellent app the first time around. 

Always Seek for Cost Effective Pricing. Which means that the price is not too high for your requirements, but effective enough to not let your company finance blown up. And don’t choose a developer that gives you discount because they are in dire need of fresh cash and having a financial trouble 

Recommended to You and Having Recommendations From Their Previous Clients 

Having someone who’s done developing an app refers you to their developer would cut immense amount of time, money and energy for researching app developer. On the previous note, use B2B Directories to seek review for local Tech / App Developer in your area. If possible, ask them privately about their experience.  

Look for a Developer Interested in Your Business, Not Just the Development 

Someone who understands your vision must be passionate about working on your project to become true. Learning about the business and its goals is critical to creating a successful mobile app. Developers must understand the flow of the client’s business process and how to improve it via a mobile app. When mobile application developers understand the business, they are able to provide creative insight and guidance. 

Some developers may have worked in almost similar industry that your app you have been dreaming on. Experienced developers will give you great insight on what is the best practice, and what should avoid. 

How Long They Have Been in the Business 

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” – Harold Geenen 

Be sure that you choose a developer team that at least has accumulatively 10-15 Years of Experience. Choosing less-experienced genius developer might be cheaper option, but could also be fatal if he lacked awareness on what should avoid, and how to work faster to meet deadline. In other hand, choosing experienced developer with at least 8 years of experience, will give you a calm mind. Because the experienced developer will always be: Process-Driven, faster work and met deadline on time.  

Nevertheless, choosing an experienced developer will slightly cost you more money. You have to reach your pocket deeper. If you decided to pick the less experienced developer, you use these tricks: pay a smaller deposit, and insist that you receive the source code on every payment milestone. This will give you the advantage if you get sacked by the developer, you can still manage to continue to work on the project and salvage what’s left off.  

Smaller Means Care 

Some people might afraid to hire small – medium company, because they might not as sound as the bigger company who has 400 staffs and major clients. In reality, bigger companies are the ones who worst affected by economic downturns, and volatility of the industry. The simple fact is the more staff means more risk. Especially, there might be several bad apples inside the big company that might affect negatively on your projects. And bigger companies sometime will consider small project just as a paycheck filler for their staffs.  

But working with small medium companies would be a perfect choice for you if you find the perfect match. Smaller companies tend to care your project wholeheartedly. They believe that all projects are personal and have a greater impact. Remember, Choose a developer because of their merit, not company size.  

Wholehearted Services (Hospitality, Transparency, Integrity, and Honesty) 

You can judge their professionalism from the very beginning of interview, how they address you, how they presented their ideas, and how they explain their process on making you vision comes true. A great developer welcomes you with your own idea and work together how to maximize its potential value. Great developer will give you thorough explanation of the complex process of the app development. He will keep in touch with you for the updates, he will keep on promise (always on time and not going over budget). Even more, the developer will ask you to participate on the development process by giving up to date feedbacks. 

Great developer will not be afraid of telling you that you are wrong. He will properly explain what’s best practice to do, and how are they going to work with you.  

Resonating Vibe 

If you have met a perfect match developer, you can feel their energy resonate with your brand. They will work on your project with passion and care. Easy to contact, understand your intuition without having to explain things, and get the job done faster because of mutual understanding. You will more likely trust them fully. Because if you are not trusting them, it will become a bad  

Always Choose Specialist 

Sometimes, it if good, if you meet a generalist genius / Jack of all trades who can provide you a whole range of service. But most of the time, hiring Jack of all trades have a higher risk of late deadline, or even the project got neglected because he has not finished one project deadline. Be sure to pick specialist. Because most of specialist has spent more time in certain area, which make them more agile in the development process. Which means, they will more likely to handle error faster and not wasting time.


Choosing a Mobile App Developer could be almost as tough as choosing a life partner. You got to be very picky, and you will raise a standard. All of because you want to take precautionary steps to avoid fatal mistakes in the future. Whosoever you will ended up with later, Digital Envision wishes you all the best luck for your future endeavour on your mobile app project. If you’d like to make your digital dream comes true, We’d be delighted to hear your stories and vision. Contact our representatives now and let us guide you through this digital journey!. 

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