Coronavirus COVID-19 Government Business Grant

5 Apr, 2020

Amid any crisis, there will always be opportunities. For us as business owners, our responsibility is to capture and capitalise on such opportunities.

Apart from federal and state government packages, City of Melbourne council recently announced a great package for people who want to start an online business right now, in the middle of Coronavirus time.


Tl; dr;

There are business packages that are available to current and future business owners, and even more packages are created each week because of the coronavirus crisis. One of the lesser known packages is the 2020 Quick Response Business Grants.

The grants are for business owners who wants to create a new e-commerce platform, to launch a marketing campaign, or to equip themselves with knowledge or sufficient equipment for their business.


What is the 2020 Quick Response Business Grants?

Just a few days ago, City of Melbourne released a response to support businesses during COVID-19 crisis. The grants come with multiple benefits for your current and future businesses, including:

  • Up to $5,000 for investing in online and e-commerce activities.
  • Up to $2,000 for training and professional development.
  • Up to $10,000 for capital works projects.

As we can see, lots of benefits for anyone who are eligible for this grant.

What do we need to do to get the $5,000 grant?

First off, this grant includes website development AND digital marketing/promotions. Therefore you can apply for both of them if you need to.

You need to have a concrete plan on how to implement your online/e-commerce website, and (optional) have a marketing plan. The work also needs to be done by a local business provider.

This includes:

  1. Purpose:
    • What services/products are you planning to sell? (if applicable)
    • Who are you going to sell it to? (if applicable)
    • Where do you source products from? (if applicable)
    • What do you plan to do your marketing campaign?
  2. Benefits:
    • How does this grant benefit your business?
    • How much do you need to complete the website?

There are detailed questions in the form that you need to answer, including estimated costs of each item.

As a local provider, Digital Envision are capable and committed to help you to estimate these costs, help you to get the grant, and do the work/development for you. Please contact us if you would like to proceed with the grant.


How does $2,000 for training and professional development work?

This grant is for you to provide trainings and development activities to yourself or your staffs. You can use this grant to buy online courses and develop capabilities in their chosen fields.

We think it is more than sufficient to help gaining knowledge and even get certificates that you can show off on your website.

If you are unsure about which digital certificates that associate to your business, we are always ready to answer your questions.


What do I need to do to get the big gun, $10,000 for capital works projects.

This grant is for physical assets that you can buy to support your business. Therefore you can buy various business equipment such as printers, monitors, laptops, etc., basically anything that help you and your staff conduct business activities.

There are loose definitions on what can be purchased, some of them are as follow:

  • Equipment including major catering, processing and production equipment
  • Business fittings including retail, wholesale and hospitality shop fittings
  • Physical alterations including remodelling of premises
  • IT equipment and software
  • Vehicles

One thing to note is that the grant only covers up to 50% of the cost for purchasing items. As a result, if you buy a monitor that costs $300, only $150 is granted.



2020 Quick Response Business Grants is a package from City of Melbourne to support businesses that require capitals to continue or start their venture. With the above details, we are confident that making your dream come true is within our reach.

Free marketing, free website, take your business online with this grant.

If you have any questions regarding the grant, or need our assistance with your business, please contact us at We aim to reply to you within an hour.


Sources: City of Melbourne

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