Activating Your Brand: How to Utilize Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event to Boost Conversion

17 Nov, 2021

Activating Your Brand: Utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event to Boost Conversion

When you hear the name Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you know at an instance that it is associated with big discounts, big promos on the market. As retailers compete with their rivals and give a huge discount on their products. What can we learn from this? And how can we benefit from this event? 

History of Black Friday 

First Coined in 1869 as an unfortunate event of two investors, in an attempt to raise the gold price by buying a large amount of gold. But surprisingly, the gold price did not go up and the stock market was crashed. Many Wall Street barons went bankrupt, and all prices went down. When did this occur? You guessed it, it was Friday, 24 September 1869, making it ‘Black Friday’.  

As a result, big retailers commemorate that event as a day for customers that they can get the same cheaper price as “that Friday where everything went cheap on November”. As time goes, the terms of Black Friday have transcended from their original meaning. People are now associating Black Friday with huge discounts, big shopping days, big sales, and etc. 

People’s Mindset on Black Friday 

A report from The National Retail Federation found that 20 to 40 percent of annual sales for small and mid-sized retailers occur in the last two months of the year. Black Friday started in the US marks the following Thanksgiving, which is usually observed on the fourth Thursday of November. Marked in every savvy shopper’s calendar, Black Friday is all about online and bricks-and-mortar retailers offering huge savings on everything from beauty, toys, electronics, fashion, furniture, and travel. 

As the trend of Black Friday is rising even higher, many customers are expecting to get many discounts as well as ready to spend 75% more money than their average shopping. This means a gold mine. As a company, you need to figure out how to activate your brand to participate in this event. Black Friday isn’t just for big businesses. Whether you are a retailer, small business owner, professional speaker, or any business niche, you should actively participate in this event if you want to increase conversion for your business. 

When the demand is at all time high, your brand should also be ready with the supply. If you are a retailers, be ready and stock more. Likewise, service based companies should also be aware of their scheduling. Don’t receive all of the orders. But carefully manage your inventory. If possible, Use the latest technology to help you on track. Retailers can use an advanced point of sales system that is automatically update the stocks. Services based companies could also use an App in helping them scheduling their sessions.

Speaking of using advanced App & Software

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Cyber Monday History 

Cyber Monday is Black Friday’s trusty counterpart. Held on the Monday following Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday initially began in 2005 as the “online” version of Black Friday back when online shopping wasn’t quite as prolific as it is today. 

In the past few years, Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday to become the biggest event on the shopping calendar, raking in the US $9.4 billion in 2019, according to Adobe Analytics. 

When is Black Friday 2021? 

The Black Friday 2021 date is Friday 26th November.
Cyber Monday 2021 will be Monday 29th November. 

Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which means this year it will fall on Friday 26th November. While this 24-hour window will no doubt host a wide array of sales across retailers, we fully expect there to be plenty of offers available in the weeks leading up to Friday as well (see below for some early deals already live). 

In the same fashion, while Cyber Monday itself will likely see a fresh wave of deals land, we don’t expect it to be the last deals we’ll see for the period, with discounts often lasting a few days after Monday has passed. 


Black Friday& Cyber Monday Brand Activation 

Now, the main question is, how? Or what to do to participate in Black Friday? To customers, activating your brand means showcasing how big & active your company is. More importantly, it is one of the most crucial things to do for your brand to be known by the public. There are many ways to do brand activation. The main goal of your brand activation is to get people talking and preferring your brand more than your competitor. 

To be able to do so, you need to be creative on your Black Friday campaign. Gather up your marketing team and discuss every attention-grabbing campaign that’s possible within your budget. If you don’t have one, you could hire a digital strategist or marketing agency like Digital Envision to help your campaign be successful. No matter how big your company is, creating a powerful campaign will have a big impact on your brand in the future. 

Ran out for creative ideas? check these award winning campaigns!:

Visual Campaign 

Get creative with your visual campaign such: Billboards, TV Commercials, Signage, and etc. Make your brand visible at every corner of the city. Not only a good-looking visual, but you also need to write a special tagline that grabs your customer’s attention. 

digital envision - subway creative ads for black friday cyber monday digital envision - tunnel creative ads creative ads for black friday cyber monday digital envision toothpaste creative ads for black friday cyber monday Dracula TV Shows Creative Billboard creative ads idea for black friday cyber monday 

Video Campaign 

Get your brand viral by doing a campaign. Many big brands do this every year. By creating a powerful message inside the video campaign, you will create a deep connection sparked from the customer to your brand. Here are some samples of great video campaigns:  

Charity Campaign 

Acts of kindness will always win people’s hearts. People tend to share inspiring stories they see on social media. As a brand, you can benefit from this. You will gain much more trust, gain brand authority, of course, you will gain sales or conversion. Hyundai creates this compelling video charity campaign:  

In-Store Campaign 

If you have a physical store or office, decorate your office with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to print as many X-stand banners, brochures, with Black Friday promo on the print materials. Give souvenirs to the returning customers and create an ambiance that drives up their shopping or buying urge.  

Social Media Campaign 

Nowadays, you can not survive without social media. Your customers spent almost 67% of their time on social media. To activate your brand, create a campaign that triggers social mentioning, such as hashtags, profile mentions, testimonial posts, challenge post, create camera filters packed with augmented reality, and many more. You can also build a fanbase for your brand using social media.  

Remember, the main goal is to get people to SEE, HEAR, TALK, MENTION about your brand, both in the digital world and the real world.  

Here’s some sample of the greatest social media campaigns that make customers SEE, HEAR, TALK, MENTION their brand:  

Starbucks Snapchat Lens
Zendesk Band Zendesk Alternative 

However, when you do your social media campaign, be creative and original. Do not blatantly copy others’ ideas.  


Black Friday as Lead Magnet

Furthermore, No matter what you do, whether you as a professional tutor who’s giving out a discount on Black Friday or you are an online travel agency that’s having sales for a week, it is best if you generate a big buzz before the big day. Create a meticulous plan that includes: creating a marketing plan, checking your inventory, and bringing on additional staff will ensure your small business is ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also a great time to generate contact leads from your niche customer. Because this is the only time of the year that people will be willing to do anything to get their desired price, including filling out contact forms.  

This is an important step because with having a customer data list you can promote your brand and product directly to your customers’ personal channel, which is their private data.  

To benefit from a lead magnet, you need to create enticing and irresistible incentives for the customer to be willing to fill out your contact form. For example souvenirs giveaways, free tickets, free product samples, and many more. 

Irresistible Lead Magnet and Conversion Ideas for Black Friday

  • Offer Unusual Crazy Amount of Discount
  • Limited-Time Ticking Offer
  • Create a Discount Coupon Code for Online and Offline
  • Create eye-grabbing banners on the entire website
  • Create a Super Deals by Specific Hours
  • Offer Free Gift for a certain amount of buy
  • Create a bundle combo sale
  • Create Upsells & Cross-sells for every product
  • Social Media Live Promotion
  • Offline Events
  • Referral Program
  • Give a personal message that says hello and offers a hidden-extra discount
  • Follow up the abandoned carts or chats


Be ready for Black Friday 


Once you are set up and ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, be sure to check this list to avoid costly mistakes: 

     1. Check Your Inventory 

Be sure that your inventory is ready to receive a massive amount of orders. If you are selling a service, check your calendar and make sure that it does not overlap with other appointments. Making customers disappointed during this time could result to huge issues that will cost you lots of time & money. Notify customers directly if it’s out of stock 

      2. Website and Landing Pages are ready 

Make sure that your site can run quickly and could handle big loads of traffics every day. Upgrade your hosting system if needed. Put attractive banners everywhere on every strategic position of the entire site. Make sure it is optimized for mobile view. More importantly, create a compelling storyline / copywriting to convince customers 

     3. Hire More Assistants 

Yes, get ready to be overwhelmed with a rising surge of orders. This is a great time for you to hire more people to help you out. It takes a lot of work to put on a successful Black Friday sale and the team will likely be putting in extra hours already to make sure all goes well. Find a few candidates who may be interested in part-time work to help pick up a few shifts when you know you’ll be at your busiest. 

    4. Use advanced software 

As you have seen and learned earlier above from Intuit Video, it is a great thing for you to start implementing technology in your business. Hence, such using advanced Point of Sale system, e-Ledger, e-Taxing, and e-Sales report. No matter how small or how less crowded your business is, it’s never hurt to put technology to ease your work.  

    5. Track the Sales 

More importantly, You need to track every sale you made during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thus, you will have data on what is the most sold, less sold, and abandoned items. Therefore, you can cultivate this data into a better strategic plan for the same event next year. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time of the year to push sales! Get started now and happy selling!

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