Competing with Rivals: 5 Winning Tools for Digital Marketing Competition

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4 Nov, 2021

Going Digital? Why must we keep up with Digital Marketing Tools? 

Digital Marketing Competition, Yes, You’ve heard it many times, and you’ve seen the message about it everywhere. Every day, thousands of business gurus exclaiming the importance of going digital transformation, digital competition, digital data, digital marketing, and etc., thus raise the questions; What is digital transformation? and why having a digital transformation strategy is important? How do we compete in digital world? What tools should we use? How can we know our customer’s behaviour?


Parable of Smart Fisherman 

John is an average Joe who loves to fish. He provides his family by selling fishes that he catches at the day. On the afternoon he went back to the market and sell the fishes and cash in the money.  

This has been a success for him so far. His rituals are; seek worms as a bait, grab a fishing rod, goes to the lake, and fish on his favourite spot. His catches may vary. Depends on the luck that day. Sometimes he got big freshwater bass, sometimes John got small baby carp. The ‘Old-school’ style has provided him income for years.  

Then, a neighbour just moved in. Dave is also avid fisherman. On his hometown, he is a well decorated fisherman. Though he is a senior, but whenever he fishes, he has many gadgets to support him.  

Work Smarter with Digital Gadgets

John and Dave become a best friend afterwards. At first, they went fishing together. John noted that Dave is not using the same bait as his. He is using different bait but always get the same fishes but bigger sizes than average. His baits have different colours, sizes and each of them behave differently when the strings rolled and bait pulled from underwater. Each time Dave uses different baits, He got different kinds of fishes. 

He also noticed that Dave also has an electronic gadget that gives him a beep whenever Dave moves to a different spot. That beep signals that there’s a school of fishes on that spot. John loves his spot, and believe that his spot is a golden mine. John never moves from his spot. 

Every afternoon, they went to the market together, and sell their catches together. And surely, Dave’s catches give him 5-10x more money than John’s receive. Until one day, Dave finally could buy his own boat, and could explore more at the lake and get 30x more money.  

After sometime, John become jealous of Dave’s success. And slowly follow the path of Dave. At first, John kept making mistake on picking the correct bait. John used the bait for seawater fishes while fishing on a fresh water lake. But once he got a hang of the tools, slowly, John is now catching up with Dave, who is now become a mentor for him. 

Understand the Tools Needed 

As we learned from the parable above, hence we can conclude that Dave was a Smart Fisherman. Dave embraces the digital transformation technology. Dave uses fishing gadgets to maximize his potential profit for his business though it is still not a guaranteed winning. Dave knows his main fish targets. He knows which fish is more profitable for his company. Dave also uses different kinds of baits for different kinds of fishes. Dave knows that he won’t use worms to bait a shark.  

The parable taught us life and business skill that we need in today’s world. Some business owners might say that they are very comfortable with the way they are doing business right now. But at the end of the day, a competitor will outsmart & outsell you. Because they are learning to transform and embrace technology.  

In this digital era, we need to understand our customer’s behaviour both in real life or digitally. How they shop, how they commune, how they commute, where they go, things that they like, and Etc. Just like Dave understand how the Lake Fishes and Sea Fishes act differently, Dave also uses different tool(bait) for each fish category. 

As of today, there are thousands of Digital Marketing tools. Choosing one among thousands of ever-growing collections of tools is a hard decision to make. Don’t get fooled by marketing gimmicks. Business Owners need to understand the tools for Digital Competition. At least understand the basic functionality and how it would profit your business. 

5 Winning Tools for Digital Competition 

To Choose the best tool for the competition, you need to understand what’s the best tool that:  

  • increase your revenue 
  • increase your profit 
  • make better use of your assets 
  • improve the skills of your staff 
  • Align with your goals 
  • Improve the customer journey & business process 
  • Retain & nurture the loyal customer 
  • Get insight of the competitors 
  • Shows that you are exist  

From the points mentioned above, we need 5 tools that summarize the points above and from the Parable of the Smart Fisherman’s Story. The tools are: 

1. Gain Customers 

To gain customers, your business needs to be seen anywhere. You can do this by creating a digital content such: blogs, social media posts, and get ranked on Search Engine Machine like Google, Bing, Yandex, Alexa, and Etc. There are several tools that can help you. Here are several examples:  

           a. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tool

In Digital Maketing, SEO Tools will help all of your content to be indexed by Search Engine. They also provide you with many insights about competitor’s site, what keywords you want to target, audit your own site, and suggest on what content to create. When your contents are optimized with SEO Tools, potential customers will likely find your brand on the very Top of First Page of the search. Here are several samples of best SEO Tools known: 

            b. Email Marketing 

Once you have some users following on your content, you need to funnel them and give some offers and update via Email Marketing. This is very crucial to let users know that your business is still up to date and still giving out solutions to customers. Finally, here are several popular Email Marketing Tools that most businesses use: 


2. Retain Customers (Customer Response Management)

Likewise, digital marketing, Improving Customer Touch Points is a vital. You need to control how your brand interact with customers. How customer perceive your brand is depending on how you Thus, nowadays, there is Customer Response Management tools. What is Customer Response Management? CRM Software is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Keeping your customer streamline neat means you are keeping your brand to win both digital and real world competition 

Here are several best CRM Software that you need to check out: 

All of them has plus and minus. You need to run a trial version and decide for yourself which is more suitable for your business. 

3. Gain Insights from Competitors 

With John’s story, he has to carefully watch with his own eyes to understand what makes Dave stands out. He made a thorough observation about Dave’s Gadgets, Baits, and Technique.  

In the parable, gaining insight might seems easy to do. But in digital & real-world business, you cannot just walk into your rival’s office and taking notes and copy them. Because they might made it secret as a brand. So, what can you do? 

Fortunately, in digital world, you can digitally gain insights of who’s your competitor’s audiences, what keywords are they targeting, where do they put ads, and when does their audience. Check out these amazing tools: 

Successfully gain insights from your competitors means you will be walking on a winning strategic yet a safe path for your business.  Besides, you have nothing to lose if you are investing in digital marketing tools if you come to the right knowledge, source, and mentor.

4. Create Attention 

If you notice, Dave’s baits are colourful and it behave differently. Compare to John’s bait, Dave’s bait attracts more fishes. Therefore, Same concept with Digital Marketing Competition. You need make your brand stand out than the others. This can be achieved by creating a brand core story, and also brand visual design. To create a stunning content design that captivate your audience attention, you need a tool that helps you to do so. Here are some of our recommendations: 

5. Project Management 

Once you have attracted customers and they are hooked in with your products / services, now you need to maintain their excitement by make sure you are delivering your products to customer smoothly, on time, and top quality. Thus, you need a tool that helps you streamline the process. The SCRUM Project Management tools will help you keep on track on who does what, by when, by whom. These are our favourite Project Management Tool list: 


To become a smart business owner, these tools are inevitable if you want to win digital marketing game. As other companies already started to shift towards digital improvements by applying digital marketing tools in their business. Be sure don’t become a late bandwagoners who lost the chance to win loyal customers. Consult with our Digital Brand & Marketing Specialist to gain more understanding on how you can win your customer loyalty through digital marketing.



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