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20 Jun, 2022

Robotic process automation sounds so good when it comes to business optimization. It can promote effectiveness and efficiency in your work. However, what is the robotic automation process?

And, what impact can it bring to your business? We’ll reveal more about that in this article.  

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

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If your mind wanders to Transformer’s film scenes by hearing “robotic process automation”, you are on the wrong channel. Because robotic process automation, or RPA that we’re talking about, is a technology that can fully or partially substitute repetitive, rule-based, and manual human tasks in the computer. RPA can mimic human behaviour and interaction with other systems and software to do the task without penetrating their core.  

Since it’s just copying your business mechanism and automating it, it breaks people’s opinions who think that robotic process automation can improve business processes.

Yes, it can increase the speed, but not for “filling the hole”. When something needs to be fixed, you should do it yourself. Robotic process automation will only automate the awry process if you are not able to find the part which goes wrong.   

Why is it made if it doesn’t fix your business’s hole? Well, we will talk about why apps developers create this technology.  


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Before people mislead and over-dream that RPA can be their magic wand, here are the main reasons robotic process automation is made.  

1. Ensure Accurate Output  

Having human to do a monotonous job can lead them to lack concentration. Reduced motivation to work and boresome can also lead to human error. Based on an IDC’s whitepaper surveys, human error can cause a loss of over $6.24 million per year. What a cost!   

On the other hand, the robot won’t get bored of tedious jobs. They do the same process every time, provide accurate results, and work at a consistent speed. Those things can eliminate some errors, and if there are, you have more time to fix them. Not only saving much time but asking one of the digital agencies to create RPA for your business will create a higher customer satisfaction level.  

2. Fasten the Speed

Robotic process automation can work 24/7 at a consistent speed uninterrupted. You can speed up the process whenever you want, and it won’t complain. Not only for repetitive tasks, but it also makes RPA suitable for high volume tasks.  

3. Release Employees from Mundane Repetitive Tasks

RPA is designed to free human from repetitive tasks that will affect the mood of the employers. While the robot takes over the monotonous jobs, employers can allocate their focus on the jobs that need highly skilled people.  

Those purposes are not only superb on paper but also do their magic in real life. Based on the survey done by Deloitte respondents, RPA can:  

  • Added quality up to 90%  
  • Improved productivity up to 86%  
  • Improved conformity 92%  

What a helpful technology, isn’t it? It’s nice to remember since RPA is designed to follow a step-by-step workflow and they don’t adopt the change; it still needs human involvement when an exception is made.  

Robotic Process Automation Example

Robotic process automation - doctor

RPA can be implemented in any kind of business and field, serving as:  

1. Human Resources

Robotic process automation can help the human resources department scan the resumes relevant to the company’s requirements.  

2. Finance and Banking

RPA technology can help the payroll staff handle reimbursement, tax, deduction, or verify the data of the employees.  

3. Customer Support

Many big companies use bots to handle customers’ questions or complaints.  Not only cutting the cost for hiring more employers, you also can focus your talented resources on more crucial part of your business.

4. Retail

Running out of stock can be a nightmare, and RPA can display it away by monitoring the stock circulation and give you a notification that will be very useful for optimizing the inventory management.

5. Marketing

RPA can do a lot in sales and marketing, such as automatizing contact data collecting, updating data in CRM, setting quotas, etc.  

The Benefit of Having Robotic Process Automation Services

Can filling process

Surprisingly, the purposes why RPA is made have born many benefits, such as :

1. Fostering More Productivity

RPA can work several times faster rather than humans. It can load the job 24/7 uninterrupted, giving 100% consistency, reliability, and accuracy. As a business owner, RPA will free your highly skilled staff from simple repetitive tasks. So, that you can assign them to jobs that need more human intelligence skill.

2. Cutting Down the Cost

Another best thing about having robotic automation in your business is that it can lower operational costs. The price of 1 robot is three times cheaper than an employee’s salary.

Besides, the robot won’t ask for more employee benefits such as salary increases or allowance. Since it can work longer and faster than humans, you can produce more things that will fuel your income resources.  

3. Seamlessly Integration

RPA is not changing but complementing the task, so you don’t have to be afraid of disrupting your previous or legacy system by using RPA. It can be a bridge between your legacy system and your productivity objectives since it’s easy to operate. Your non-tech-savvy staff can just hit a play-stop button to run the automation.  

4. Growing Customer Level Satisfaction

Because customer reviews become one of the primary considerations in a business, escalating your customer level satisfaction is necessary. Hence, choosing RPA can be the right choice.

Since, it can promote a better customer experience by providing quick service, reducing mistakes, and delivering customized service based on customer data.  

5. Increasing Data Security

Robotic process automation performs the same task all the time, hence it is predictable. So that you can find out quickly if there’s a breach or leak in its system.   

Interested in Using RPA?

After reading the information above, are you interested in having custom robotic process automation in your business?

You may be little doubt with its weakness. Yeah, we understand since nothing is perfect in this world, including robotic process automation for companies. There’s always be a risk of leaking even in the most sophisticated system ever.

However, if you can define RPA parameter strictly, you can minor the problem. Hence, selecting a well-developed system engineer can bring you a more excellent security system.  

In case you wanna try this technology, Digital Envision, a Melbourne software developer, welcomes you to taste the sweetness of using robotic process automation in your business.

As software, android, and iOS app developers, we can help you dive more into RPA and other technologies. That’s why, rather than wondering what it feels like to have this, call us right away and be a part of our journey. 

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