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28 Apr, 2020

Most people, when it comes to personal projects, choose to do it themselves. We want to spend time to nurture our babies. However, sometimes it is better to hire a professional to complete the projects for us. Let us discuss the approaches in this article.

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) style is a great way for you to learn about the craft. However when it comes to push your idea to the public, it is better if you hire a professional to do it right, and to save costs for most of the cases.

Why do it yourself?

If I have the experience in the field, say, website development. I have a great website idea. There is nothing that stops me from creating it myself.

From previous experience, when a new project started, it was an enthusiastic endeavour. I do not care how long it will take, it will be the most beautiful art that I have ever created. Motivation to create a quality product is incredibly high. If we finish the project, the end result will be of the highest quality that we can create. And along they way we learn so much about the process that even if the result is not what we expected, the journey makes it all worth it.

Limitation of DIY

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However, there are a lot of disadvantages when it comes to DIY, some of them are:

  • Unclear scopes and requirements: most of the time, when we want to start a project, requirements are vague. We just want to have it. For instance, let’s create a website to sell handmade straw hats. We want to have the end result, not how it will be created. The requirements are not defined clearly and can lead to doing something that we should not do in the first place.
  • Timeline is not transparent: DIY projects often do not have a clear timeline. We only get rewarded for projects that we finish, not the projects that we started. Therefore it can be harmful for you and the project if you do not have a deadline.
  • We often get carried away with life and not focusing on completing the project: This is probably the most common issue when it comes to side projects. We start with a laser focus mind. However life starts creeping in and we either slow down; or completely forget about the project.
  • The opportunity cost can be huge: Imagine that you are an excellent cook, and can make delicious meals that rival Gordon Ramsey. You have an idea to have a website to showcase your cooking skills. If you spend the time to learn about how to create a website, it can be an opportunity cost for you when you are not focusing on sharpening cooking skills. You do not need to know everything, just need to master in what you are an expert of.
  • The end result might not be the one that you intended in the first place: due to the unclear requirements, sometimes what you end up with is different from the original idea. You want to create a website to sell straw hats. Then later on, you learn that in One Piece, Monkey D Luffy wears a straw hat, so the website can sell products that relate to that anime as well? This also leads to scope creeps, which put the whole project into a limbo state that never ends.

Professionals to the rescue

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So why we want to hire professional teams to do it for you?

First off, they have the agenda of completing the project as soon as possible. Naturally your project will have a deadline. If it is not completed at that date, you have the right to sue them for breaking the contract (consult with your lawyers to ensure that it is the case).

Secondly, they know what questions to ask so that clear requirements can be recorded, and help you to know exactly what you are getting out of their services.

Thirdly, by binding the professionals into a contract, they are obliged to finish your project no matter what. This cancels out the reduction in motivation to complete the project.

So should I do the project on my own?

We do not discourage DIY projects, however it is in your best interest to know all the benefits and limitation of doing a website on your own. Nowadays there are multiple platforms that allow us to create websites seamlessly, such as Wix, Squarespace, etc. These platforms really helps bringing website development more friendly to the mass. However, as you will quickly realize after using them, they have limitations that cannot be rectified, such as performance boost, advance SEO configurations, etc.

With all the tools that are so readily available to you, it is best to get someone to look at your idea, and draft out a rough path to achieve your project in a professional manner. They can save you days, if not months of work trying to complete the project.


As discussed, we absolutely endorse people who are determined to finish their DIY projects. DIY has multiple advantages, but also numerous limitations. If you feel like you need a chat to figure out what you should do, feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to listen to you.

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