10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Software Or Mobile App

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3 Aug, 2021

In the digital era, almost every business needs software to run all of the business activities. As simple for documentation or finance management. But, one of the challenges in running a business is finding the right software based on your needs, especially when your business faces a complex issue. So that is why custom software is needed. 

Custom software development is seeing a substantial rise in recent times. Let’s understand what is custom software development. Customized software or also known as bespoke software development is a series of steps to design, create, deploy, and maintain software for a particular set of users, functions, or organizations. 

Why Should You Put Money into Custom Software? 

Here are a number of benefits of a custom application to help you expand your business to meet your specific requirements and give the best service for customers. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why. 

1. Less configuration 

With off the shelve product, for example, HubSpot CRM, they need to do a lot of configuration and possibly hire a consultant which cost lots of money. With bespoke software, you don’t have to do a lot of configurations because it has been set up in the first place. 

2. More focus on the business 

Custom application is more focused on the business. For example, one of our clients already using an application for their business, but there are a lot of fields and functions that they don’t use from the platform. These useless features become confusing sometimes.  

3. Support automation 

As custom software has business-specific features, it allows you to automate mundane tasks. You can configure the software to perform a number of daily tasks of your business with just a click. 

For example, our client’s project Jmax application, it automates the customer communication, so every time a status changes the system would send a message the customer and it reduce the number of phone call that they get from the customer to check the status. This could save them time and also generate them move revenue. 

4. Easy to adjust  

As a development company, we can put whatever feature that your business wants. Normally, with a product like Trello for example, if you need something specific function, you can submit a request to them, but it may or may not be added to the platform, because it depending on whether that function request is aligned with their product road map. 

5. Escalate efficiency 

The tailor-made application helps to increase productivity by making the processes swift because now it is tailored – according to your business needs. You won’t have to spend time or change your business processes to adapt to the standardized software. 

6. Increase profitability 

Custom software can solve many of your business problems. However, wouldn’t it be great to make money from your custom-built software? You can license it or sell the software to other organizations depending on the terms and conditions of your business projects. 

7. Independence 

Many lags happen just because of dealing with the software vendor. With custom software development services, you will save a lot of time that can be utilized in being more productive. Now, you don’t have to worry about price hikes for getting a license for your packaged software. 

8. Security 

The use of traditional software has often exposed businesses to external hacking activities. With the popularity of this software, they attract more malicious activities. But, having a bespoke application built for your business will let you enjoy more security. Even if your software is exposed to the outer world, there are considerably fewer chances of facing hacking activities than in the use of traditional software. 

9. Reliability 

No matter how good the customer support is, no one likes asking the same queries again and again, and that too with a long waiting time. If the software crashes, you have to stop all the ongoing work to wait for the support team. Having a custom application eradicates this problem. You have direct access to the developers of the software and can ask for support at any hour of the day. We also give real-time support for our client as well already explained in the previous article about how we resolve an attack on our client’s website. 

10. Personalized Customer Experience 

As CX is gaining traction, it is important to provide your customers with personalized experiences. With a custom application, you can fill the void and address the unique needs and processes of your business. 


The demand for custom software in business shows that there are a lot of advantages to having it. You won’t have to worry about fitting your business model into a standard framework. So, leverage bespoke software to focus more on your organization’s growth! 

If you want to build custom applications to make your business stand out, check our services and contact us at hello@digitalenvision.com.auWe aim to reply to you within an hour, and we have the skills and tools to make your goals happen. 

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