Mobile App Vs Mobile Website for Business, Which One You Should Go First?

Mobile app vs mobile web - smartphone and website

20 Jul, 2022

Many companies are racing to develop a website and mobile app to boost sales and spread brand awareness. However, other people have to choose between mobile app vs mobile web for business. So, which one is better to go first? 

If you are one of the people who are still considering which one, between mobile app vs website, is better to go first for your business, this article may get you out of the dark. Because, here we are breaking down some details about what mobile web and mobile app is, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose which one is better. Without further ado, let’s check them out! 

What is Mobile Web 

Mobile app vs mobile web - website

At a glance, mobile web apps and mobile websites look and sound so similar. However, those are way apart. A mobile website is similar to a standard website, an HTML-based page accessed through a browser over the internet.  

The difference is mobile web’s design is more responsive than the desktop version, which it’s specially designed for a handy display and touch screen interface. Afterward, seeing it on a small screen is comfortable, but users can also view it comfortably on any device. It can also access mobile-specific features such as storage, mapping location, or contact.

Advantages of Mobile Web

Mobile app vs mobile web - Search engine

Mobile web looks less modern than mobile apps, but it still has many things that can captivate your heart. What are they?


For the first round of mobile app vs mobile web, an availability, mobile web is the winner. Your user can easily find and access it through many browsers and many devices.

Users don’t need to download or install anything to view the content, which means it leads to benign storage conditions. Since there’s only a little initial engagement, the conversion is higher to achieve than a mobile app.

Findable and Shareable

Brand awareness is essential to “scream” out your business, and this is one of the reasons why the web version is the strongest candidate when it comes to findability. Why? Because it can be indexed by a search engine, so users can find it by just typing the related words or searching similar or related websites. Moreover, there’s a a digital marketing technique named SEO that can make the web jump higher in search engine, so user can find it easier.

When you create content on the website, or your users want to share the address’s web, they share the link through social media or email. The sender can easily direct the visitors directly through the link. Undoubtedly, a mobile app cannot act that way.

Wider Reach

Mobile app vs mobile web - Audiences

This third point of mobile app vs mobile web is about popularity. As the mobile web is made for multi-devices and can exist on any platform and browser, you can gain higher users by creating a mobile website rather than investing time and money in a native app.

Easy Support and Maintenance 

Regarding time and cost-effectiveness, the web version is the winner. You can spend less money and a short time to upgrade because you only do one fixing process, and it can be applied to all types of devices. The mobile app won’t allow you to do that because you have to download every update, in which you can only apply it to one platform only.

Disadvantages of Mobile Web

Mobile apps - Locks

After seeing what can you can get from a mobile web, now it’s time to see what it cannot give you, such as:

Limited Smartphone Feature’s Access

When we’re talking about user experience, the mobile web must bow down to mobile apps because an app can access all mobile phone’s feature, while mobile web cannot.

Offline Access

Since it’s loaded through a browser, it needs an internet connection to fully run no matter how light and simple it’s made. Unlike mobile web, it’s possible to run native app without internet, so wherever and whenever your audiences are, you can still reach them. So, for this point of mobile app vs mobile web, we agree that a native app is better than a web version, right?

What is a Mobile app? 

Mobile website - e-commerce smartphone

Like its name, it’s a software or program specifically designed for mobile devices and primarily platform-centric. These days, there are three types of mobile apps such as native apps, progressive apps, and hybrid apps. Each of them has a different interface that delivers a different user experience. 

A native app is software that’s specially designed for a specific platform. A progressive web app is an app that looks like a mobile optimised version. Users can get it through the browser and use it without being installed like a native app. The last one, the hybrid app, is a mixture of the previous two applications. 

Advantages of Mobile App

Mobile app vs mobile web - GPS

After talking about what a mobile app can and can’t do, it’s time to talk about the advantages of a mobile app.

Offline Access

Offering offline access is the trait that mobile web cannot beat from native app. This main benefit of app looks useless since everything prefers to use internet, but it can help you target certain group people and you’ll definitely win them over. What people?

Offline access is perfect for commuters or who don’t want to spend their data or battery when commuting or simply want to save the mobile data. And, it is also suitable for people with poor connectivity. Offline access makes the app run smoothly without being interrupted by poor internet, difficulties, or running off the battery.

Great User Experience

Excellent user experience is what mobile app can be proud of. Based on Flurry analytics’ 2016 about surfing time between mobile app vs mobile website statistics, the result shows that about 90% of users prefer native app than mobile web. It can load the content faster with smoother interaction. Hence, it’s suitable if you want to launch the game or interactive content.

Not to mention the design. If you worship a beauty and want to have divine design for your brand, choose native app. It can deliver great visualisation, It can fit different screen size more appealingly, and it’s easier to use rather than mobile web.

Better Personalization 

If your product offers have many scenarios of personalisation or being used regularly, choosing native app can be your smart choice. It allows users to create a personal account and it offers more preferences that will engage your audiences more with the app. This characteristic motivates you to make apps that offer different things than the others.

Mobile Features Access

A native app is incredible regarding device functionality access. To deliver its best performance, native app can easily and directly access your storage, device library, GPS, phone book, and etc. The more practical you offer, the longer people will engage with your service.

Disadvantages of Mobile App

Mobile app vs mobile web - Coins

Just like mobile web, mobile app is not a superman. It also has some flaws. What are they?

New Platform = New Price 

It’s no secret that building a native app can cost you a lot of money. Native can only run in certain operating system. So. if you want to reach maximum glory, you need to hire two developers all at: Android apps developer and iOs app developer, and follows separate app launch as well. It doesn’t happen to the mobile website. You need to build one for all platforms. So, for this point of mobile app vs mobile web, guess who wins?

Long App Journey

Not only spending more money than mobile web, native app also cost you more time to go rather than the other one. After all building and testing process, you need to wait for some time for your app to be approved by the market respected app store. A mobile app doesn’t go through that phase. When you’ve finished building your web, you can release it anytime without waiting for someone’s approval.

Mobile App vs Mobile Web, Which is a Better Option?

The answer relies on your end goal. The mobile app is the best if you want to build something interactive that relies on visuals or something personal. However, if you’re going to deliver mobile friendly content or you have a plan to win the search engine, mobile web is the ace.

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